Welcome to the family!

This motto has shaped the band Never Back Down like nothing else. The young musicians from Germany have already built up a huge national and international fanbase. Everybody is welcome! It is not for nothing that the intros of the three already published records are dedicated to the longlasting fans. The unique mixture of Hardcore-, Beatdown- and Metalcore-elements, with not only the powerful shouts but also the emotional and meaningful cleans, invites you to dance, sing along and party. Because of their unique style, Never Back Down can already look back to an enormous number of live gigs. With over 250 played concerts the band has already supported multiple national and international artists. Including: Our Mirage, Landmarks, Imminence, Any Given Day, Lionheart, Make them suffer, Novelists, The Browning, Rise of the Northstar, Emmure, Thy Art is Murder, Walls of Jericho and many more. In 2019, the ambitious musicians played at the Crowdsalat Festival with many of the named artists and also opened the Knockdown Festival with famous artists like Eskimo Callboy, Stray from the path and Nasty.

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